Product Review: Camera Close-up by thisworks®

Hey all,

In this post I will be reviewing a product by London’s thisworks® makeup company called Camera Close-Up, which comes under its “in transit™” range. This is one amazing product that is actually a combination of a hydrating mask, a primer and a moisturiser, making it a perfect companion for flights. It is especially useful if you have dry skin like me that tends to get drier due to in-flight air-conditioning. As a result, by the time I get off my flight my skin (especially on my face) ends up having more oil than the entire reserves of the Middle East. 


By having 3 products in one, not only is it saving you some bag space but the ingredients augment each others’ effects to produce a skin that is well hydrated, fatigue-free and camera ready! The mask in this product is a leave-in one, therefore you just need to shake the bottle and apply the product evenly on clean and dry skin. You can then add on a tinted moisturiser (I use bareMinerals® Complexion Rescue). I was extremely pleased with the results and could really tell the difference in my skin texture and appearance from my previous flights when I didn’t have this product on. 

It comes in a convenient 40mL pump bottle and is priced at AUD 65,  if you buy from Mecca stores. Alternatively, you can buy it straight from their website : it is priced at £30, excluding international shipping. 

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