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A Short Trip Guide to Asturias: Spain’s Northern Paradise

Cangas de Onís, Lagos de Covadonga and Covadonga

Asturias is one of the places to find the elegant Picos de Europa mountains, which provide some of the greenest and the most beautiful walking trails in the whole of Spain. This is your entry into your mountainous paradise.

The stunning Picos de Europa from my bus window😍

The Picos are divided into three parts- eastern, western and central. I took the western route due to its easy connectivity to Oviedo via public transport. If you decide to take this route too, your base will be in a small mountain town called Cangas de Onís, from where you can take a bus up to Lagos de Covadonga, a place of many beautiful long walks. These buses leave every 15 minutes, and stop by the village of Covadonga first before reaching Lagos de Covadonga. Please note that these are summer special buses only, operating from late July to mid- September. Outside this time, this area can be accessed via cars and taxis. There is plenty of parking in both Cangas and Lagos.

The street leading up to my pensión in Cangas de Onís

Lagos de Covadonga is located right in the middle of Picos de Europa. There are well- marked trails covering varying distances and difficulties, with plenty of toilet facilities along the way. Bear in mind, however, that this area is quite well known to local tourists and if you venture in July or August, you will find plenty of people. For a quieter experience, try May, June or September- especially weekdays.

Probably the most beautifully located bus station
Just one of the information posts highlighting the walking trails in Lagos de Covadonga.
Walking trails

Lagos de Covandoga means ‘Lakes of Covadonga’, which should give you a hint as to why this area is so famous. Surrounded by soaring mountains and set amongst lush, green meadows are two small lakes called ‘Lago Ercina’ and ‘Lago Enol’, which take the beauty of this place to the next level. In these meadows, you will see cows quietly grazing with their bells chiming in harmony, and you will wonder if you have indeed entered paradise. Of course, don’t go around touching these cows, but by all means bring your selfie stick or long arms and take a photo…from afar!

Lago (lake) Ercina
Everyone, say hello to my friend! 😁
Lago (lake) Enol

You can also explore Covadonga as it has a couple of churches in some very interesting setting. They are both free to enter.

Santa Cueva de Covadonga.
If you focus your attention right in the middle of the photo, on the right side of the trees you’ll find a file of people- this is the chapel of Santa Cueva and built inside a mountain cave.
Basilica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga peeking through the mountains.
If you decide to take the path up to the basilica, you’ll realise that it’s quite scenic too
And then you’ll arrive at this scene. Glorious!

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