She wanted to travel the world…and so she did.

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About the blog

Hey there!
My name is Vrushali, and welcome to Navigating Without Borders! Having lived in five cities in three different countries, the desire to know various cultures was long planted inside me, way back in my childhood. Through this blog, I aim to educate you guys, my viewers, about the various cultures that I have had the fortune of becoming acquainted with.
As a person with a constant hunger to travel, this blog also serves the purpose of recording my experiences visually and in writing, hoping to inspire you and enrich your overall travel experience.

Here, you will find photo essays with some of my best visual work under the ‘Inspire Me’ section, in case you are in need of some travel inspiration (don’t judge me- I’m still learning!).
And for those of you who already know where they want to go, you will find posts related to some practical information about your next destination under the ‘Travel Guide’ section.
The ‘Culture 101’ section is for those wanting to seek an insight into the cultural aspects of a particular country that I have either lived in, or travelled to. Here you will find topics relating to some interesting quirks, debunking some stereotypes, understanding their way of life and even some easy travel recipes that I learnt during my time there.

I hope that through this blog, we are able to interact and inspire each other in equal measures.
My website is still a work in progress as this is not my full- time job yet, so just be sure to bookmark it, subscribe to it, visit it often and you won’t miss out on any new adventures!
Also, be sure to follow me on my Instagram and Facebook as it gets updated more frequently than my blog.
See you soon!

About the woman behind the blog

Vrushali D is a travel enthusiast who is always searching for her next cultural adventure. When not travelling, she likes to focus on writing, flexing her culinary muscles, practising yoga and exploring anything Spanish. Her Spanish exploration has led to her spending a year and a half in Madrid, learning Español and rediscovering her passion for following her dreams. She firmly believes in engaging in culturally enriching experiences in order to be more inclusive and broaden one’s perspective.

Cover photo: View of the old city of Jodhpur from Mehrangarh Fort, Rajasthan.